CEO / Khan Kim

He has over 25 years of experience in IP business such as Disney, Sanrio, tubaN etc., from merchandising, creation, and distribution. He is an IP business authority in his own right. Also, he has founded and led diverse businesses and possesses strengths in business management and growth. He is also active as a key private investor of well-known blockchain projects and has strong understanding of the blockchain economy.

COO / Michael Choi

Former) General Manager of Strategic Planning & New Business Development at tubaN Co., Ltd.
He had directly incubated and marketed all new businesses of tubaN from offline theme parks, IP based F&B business, O2O character merchandising, and new digital platform initiatives which led to ANIVERSE. His digital platform experiences and new business incubation expertise extend to Mobile Research Platforms currently used in leading Korean marketing agencies. His Mobile Marketing Platforms were used by top auto brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Maserati.

CMO / Sunny Kim

CEO of Knolworks Co.,Ltd.
Korea Blockchain Contents Association Vice President of JN E-sports Association Board of Director EDRA Korea Co.,Ltd COO

CTO / Tommy Kim

CEO of M95 Co.,Ltd.
Former) Hyundai Information Technology / CBD tech team / Senior Engineer
eNet Co. Ltd / .Net Solution Team / Team Leader
Hancom Inc. / Cloud Tech Team / Team Leader
Tommy has more than 20 years of expertise as a developer, blockchain engineer, and a technical consultant. Tommy Kim is an author of a wide range of technical books.

Chief of General Business Administration / Matthew Kim

Former) Assistant Manager of Strategic at tubaN Co., Ltd.
Matthew leads our engineering team and is responsible for our technical strategy and engineering operations. He also lays the token architect and design token economics for ANV. Matthew is responsible for all legal-related issues in ANIVERSE.

Chief of Contents Innovation Dept / David Kwon

Former) Designer of Brand and Strategic at tubaN Co., Ltd.
David is chief designer of ANIVERSE and leads the company's creative direction. As a visionary creative director, David has years of expertise in creative direction, brand design, and UX design.

Chief of Strategic Planning Dept / Lisa Cho

Former) Manager of Strategic Planning Dept in IPSL
Lisa is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and leads the projects in ANIVERSE. She is responsible for our Growth and Community effort. She also helps out to broaden the ANIVERSE alliances and the business side of ANIVERSE.

Advisor of Technical Support Dept / Terry Chae

CEO of Readydoit Co.,Ltd. Chief of Strategic Planning in M95 Co.,Ltd.
Former) Director of Strategy and Development Management at Ideacomes Co.,Ltd.
Terry has designed and managed engineers to deliver diverse blockchain projects such as mainnet development and technical business plans including token economies. With great expertise for trending technology, he has led various projects across blockchain platform, software engineering, iOS and Android apps.

Chief of Management Support Dept / Jennie Kim

Former) Manager in Need21 Co.,Ltd Manager in GoodADSM Co.,Ltd
Jennie is an accounting professional who is in charge of overall business in Management Support Department, and has more than 10 years of accounting experience.

Senior Designer of Contents Innovation / Jay Lee

Former) Designer of Suomi Co.,Ltd
Jay is senior designer of ANIVERSE. She specializes in web page design and also supports the duty of creating event posters, press release contents and promotional banners.

Manager of Operational Planning Dept / Mark Kim

Former) Team Manager of Operation Dept in Megabox partner branch
Mark is manager of Operational Planning Department. He supports the planning and engineering of project stragtegies of ANIVERSE and is also in charge of operating ANIVERSE web pages.

Manager of Strategic Planning Dept / Sonya Kim

Former) KTR TBT Team in Global Division
Sonya is manager of Strageic Planning Department. She supports the general marketing and PR tasks of ANIVERSE such as community setting, domestic/overseas marketing of ANIVERSE project.

Manager of Operational Planning Dept / Hannah Cho

Hannah is manager of Operational Planning Department. She has an expertise in Chinese and handles the business affairs in Chinese region. She also supports planning and operating tasks of ANIVERSE.
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