ANIVERSE NFT Marketplace

Decentralized NFT Marketplace

ANIVERSE NFT is Etherium-based ERC-721 / ERC-1155 and Klaytn-based KIP-17, and it is a platform that can perform everything from NFT mint to trading.

ANIVERSE NFT can publish various contents such as Image, Video, Music, and Gif as NFT, and the NFT contents are automatically stored in IPFS so you can check the data.


ANIVERSE NFT Marketplace allows fixed price trading and auction trading of issued NFTs. In addition, through the import function, it is possible to import and sell and purchase NFTs issued as ERC-721 / KIP-17 from outside.

ANIVERSE NFT is basically capable of trading using ANV tokens, and we plan to support more active NFT transactions by enabling transactions with various tokens other than ANV in the future.


Larva's first concept image was published by NFT. As an image that had not been released to the public, the concept art that was kept in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Larva series was released and sold as NFT.

It is a work specially created by Larva character creators by grafting them onto famous paintings. This is a red and yellow self-portrait made by reflecting a similar style of painting in homage to the self-portrait of famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.

In the future, NFTs with various themes will be published, and undisclosed materials that can be recognized for their artistic value will also be continuously converted into NFTs and released to the world.



On 2021 August 31, ANIVERSE officially launched the beta version of the 'ANIVERSE NFT' website and was introduced by major overseas media such as AP NEWS and Yahoo Finance with a lot of interest.

Along with the launch, NFT was issued to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Larva, the representative IP of ANIVERSE, and was purchased and resold at a high price. Among them, the 'Larva in New York' NFT series was resold at a value of 100,000 ANV (USD 85,000)and proved the power of ANIVERSE NFT content.

ANIVERSE x Bithumb Collaboration Event

ANIVERSE planned a collaboration event with Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea, along with the official launch of the beta version of 'ANIVERSE NFT'.

The event ended successfully with a high participation rate, and all NFTs in the ANIVERSE NFT Marketplace were sold out.

ANIVERSE NFT, exclusive listing on Binance NFT market

ANIVERSE exclusively listed 20 types of 'Larva 3D Figure NFT' on Binance NFT, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and was introduced to prominent overseas press media such as Business Insider and Yahoo Finance.

By being listing on Binance NFT, ANIVERSE solidified our position as a global NFT project.

Binance NFT Market sells out 20 ANIVERSE NFTs

ANIVERSE's 20 limited edition NFTs to commemorate the listing of Binance NFT was sold out quickly right after the release, and were listed on the 'Top Creator' and 'Trending' lists on the Binance NFT main page. This news was introduced in foreign medias such as Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance, and received a lot of attention from the industry.

Additional listing of 'The Magic Face of Larva' NFT collection on Binance NFT

ANIVERSE has once again listed 16 new NFTs through Binance and NFT collaborations, and will continue to show collaborative contents with Binance and NFT in the future.

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