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ANIVERSE LARVA NFT Staking Service Guide

Larva NFT Staking Service is available in the following order.

① Access LARVA PFP NFT STAKING website and connect the Kaikas wallet. If you do not have LARVA PFP NFTs to stake, you can purchase NFTs from OpenSea by clicking [Buy on openSea].

② After connecting the Kaikas wallet, you can see the LARVA NFT you have in [My NFT] at the bottom of the page.

  • In addition to the NFTs shown in the main page, you can check more NFTs you have by clicking the [More] button.

③ Click the '+' button in the staking section at the bottom of [My NFT] to proceed with NFT staking. Depending on the Sewer / House / New York / Island pool, the amount of NFTs that can be staked and the amount of rewards are different. For detailed reward rate, please refer to the 'STAKING' category.

④ When you click the '+' button, you can see the entire list of NFTs you have. After clicking the NFT you want to stake, click the [Stake] button at the top to activate staking.

  • When the setting for staking is done, the staked pool will be displayed in the form of an icon in the upper right corner of the NFT in the [My NFT] section.

⑤ You can cancel staking by clicking the 'X' button.

⑥ There are two ways to receive staking rewards.

⑴ The 'Get ALL Rewards' method is to receive the total amount of mining rewards of all currently staked pools at once.

⑵ The 'Get Coins' method is to receive only the amount of mining rewards of the corresponding staking pool.

※ When receiving rewards, there is no transaction fee for a certain time, but we recommend you use '⑴ Get ALL Rewards' method.

  • Notice

  1. If some or all of the NFTs being staked is transferred to another wallet, the staking of the corresponding pool will automatically be lifted, and the mined KANV will be distributed to the 'TOTAL MINED KANV' quantity.

  2. The mining quantity and Klaytn chain shown on the screen are synchronized at 1 minute intervals, so the actual amount received at the time of receipt may be slightly different.

  3. Due to the limitation of the number of decimal places on the screen, the amount of mined reward may look different, but there is no problem with the amount of real quantity received.

  4. For futher inquiries, please contact us at at the bottom of the page.

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