How to get Larva PFP NFT

Ways to purchase Larva PFP NFT

LARVA PFP NFT is 10,000 NFTs issued on Klaytn mainnet, and will be used in various services such as metaverse, games, staking, and governance participation that ANIVERSE LARVA project is planning to provide in the future. Currently, it is traded on the and can be purchased and transferred by Klaytn-based Kaikas wallet.

Currently, all NFT sales have been completed and NFTs can be purchased through the marketplaces below.



Kaikas Wallet Installation

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Web browser extension version of Klaytn wallet ‘Kaikas’ has been released. You can install Kaikas now from the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-on Store.

With Kaikas, you are able to store and transact with your KLAY and Klaytn-based tokens. You can also sign requests from web-based Klaytn BApps (Blockchain Applications) in real-time.

Below is a summary of Kaikas’ key features:

1) PC web browser-based decentralized HD wallet

Kaikas is a web browser extension available in Chrome and Firefox. It is optimized for the desktop environment.

Kaikas requires users to manage their own accounts and keys. All transactions are transparently recorded on the Klaytn blockchain, so anybody can access the transaction history by using Klaytnscope.

Kaikas is a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet, meaning that it generates a hierarchical tree-like structure of private/public keys indefinitely from a single seed phrase. The seed phrase consists of mnemonic code words, which are easier to remember than random alphanumerics. Users’ private keys are encrypted and stored in their own browsers.

With the features described above, Kaikas has improved the security, transparency, and user-friendliness of the current blockchain experience. However, it is vital that users be responsible for their personal account management. (E.g. if a user does not remember his/her seed phrase, there is no other way to restore his/her accounts.)

2) Supporting various Klaytn networks and tokens

Kaikas allows you to store and transact with all Klaytn-based tokens including KLAY. Tokens that are not listed by default can be inserted by pasting in their contract address. You can even store and transact your own unique Klaytn-based custom tokens on Kaikas!

Kaikas supports Klaytn’s Baobab testnet as well as the Cypress mainnet. Moreover, those developing Klaytn-based blockchain applications may connect to their private networks to test the applications.

3) Signing web-based BApp transactions

Kaikas can be connected with web-based Klaytn BApps. You can use your Kaikas account to sign all types of transactions/data presented to you by the applications.

Kaikas can also be used to handle fee delegation. By using Kaikas, BApp developers and operators can sign the fee transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kaikas:

1) What is the difference between Kaikas and Klip?

Klip is a mobile digital wallet that will be functioning on KakaoTalk, Korea’s largest messenger application. Klip is for everyone, even those with little or no understanding of blockchain technology. Users will be able to send and receive KLAY and Klaytn-based tokens with no previous experience in using wallet addresses or private keys.

Kaikas, on the other hand, is a browser extension wallet available in Chrome and Firefox. With Kaikas, users can not only store and transact KLAY and Klaytn-based tokens but also sign the transactions/data requested from web-based BApps. It is for those who have some working knowledge of the blockchain. Kaikas is offered in both Korean and English language.

2) Is there any transaction/gas fee to exchange tokens on Kaikas?

Yes. The amount of transaction fee is presented on the bottom of the send screen.

3) How to report questions, comments, or any bug?

You can send a message via Kaikas’ main screen > settings > About Kaikas > Email

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