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ANIVERSE Swap Service Guide

ANIVERSE Swap Service is available in the following order.
โ‘  After accessing the ANIVERSE Swap website, click [Connect Wallet] in the upper right corner to connect Kaikas wallet or Metamask wallet. Connect to the wallet address of the network that currently holds the token you want to swap.
For example, if you want to change the KANV you have in the Kaikas wallet address on the Klaytn Mainnet to ANV, you can connect to the Kaikas wallet.
Conversely, if you want to change the ANV you have in Metamask to KANV, you can connect to the Metamask wallet.
โ€ป Please note that in order to proceed with the swap, you must have enough key coins of the mainnet to be swapped- KLAY or ETH - and be able to pay the network usage fee.
โ‘ก After connecting the wallet, press [Select Network] to select the network that currently holds the token you want to swap. Select the same network as the wallet connected in โ‘  above.
โ‘ข After confirming that you have properly connected to the wallet of the network you want to swap with and that you have selected the network properly, enter the amount you want to swap. If the wallet is properly connected, the current holding amount will be shown in the 'Balance'.
After entering the amount to be swapped, enter the wallet address you want to receive the swapped tokens. After that, click [Confirm] to proceed with the swap, and the Kaikas or Metamask wallet will be called to go through transaction sign procedure.
โ‘ฃ After the swap, you can check the recent swap history with the currently connected wallet through the 'Swap History' at the bottom. Other detailed information can be checked by using KlayScope or Etherscan for each network.

โ€ป Important notices when entering the wallet address to receive the swapped token

โ‘ด When performing KANV โ†’ ANV swap, the wallet address to receive the tokens must be a wallet address that supports Ethereum network, excluding the Bithumb wallet address. (We recommend you use the Metamask wallet. Do not use the Kaikas wallet address as the Kaikas wallet does not support the Ethereum network.
โ‘ต According to Bithumb exchange's policy, swapped ANV cannot be directly transferred to Bithumb deposit address. The swapped ANV can be transferred to Bithumb only through private wallets such as Metamask.
โ‘ถ Same as the swap service, you must pay a network fee to transfer your ANV. When sending ANV, you must have a sufficient amount of ETH, and the network usage fee is adjusted in real time according to traffic, so an approximation cannot be made.
โ‘ท If you wish to withdraw ANV to private wallets (Metamask) from the Bithumb exchange, you must register your Metamask wallet address with your private wallet address (whitelist address) through the Bithumb exchange in advance.
โ‘ธ ANV deposits and withdrawals are subject to change depending on the policy of Bithumb exchange.

โ€ป Precautions regarding damages due to input errors, etc.

Please carefully check if you have selected and entered correctly throughout the entire process of โ€œConnecting a wallet, selecting a network, entering the amount to be swapped, entering the wallet to receive the swapped token, etc.โ€
Please note that ANIVERSE team cannot provide compensation or recovery for damages caused by the user's mistake, such as incorrect selection or incorrect input in the process.

โ€ป About Swap Service Fee

Other than the network fee paid to process the swap transaction, we do not charge the usage fee of the swap service itself. The network usage fee is paid with the key coins of the network (Klaytn-KLAY / Ethereum-ETH), and you must have a sufficient amount.

โ€ป Ways to register tokens in the wallet

โ‘  ANV
Token Contract :
โ‘ด Using CoinMarketCap
1. Access the ANV CoinMarketCap page :
2. Click the Metamask icon in the 'contract' section and proceed with adding the recommended token
โ‘ต Using Metamask
  1. 1.
    Connect to 'Metamask'
  2. 2.
    Access 'Get Token'
  3. 3.
    Select 'Custom Token'
  4. 4.
    Enter 'token contract address' and add 'custom token'
  5. 5.
    If the token contract address is correct, the token symbol/decimal is automatically entered
โ‘ก KANV
Token Contract :
1. Connect to 'Kaikas'
2. Access to 'Token List'
3. Access 'Add Token'
4. Select 'Custom Token'
5. Enter 'token contract address' and click Next
6. If the token contract address is correct, the token symbol/decimal is automatically entered
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