ANIVERSE NFT is a character based metaverse where characters from various productions come together. Anyone can participate in ANIVERSE platform and become characters with their own PFP NFT.

ANIVERSE NFT provides a variety of content such as Games, NFT, Staking, and Governance participation, and the metaverse continues to expand with the continuing influx of new characters and new contents.

ANIVERSE’s representative character ‘Larva’ is the first PFP NFT of ANIVERSE. With Larva PFP NFT, users can participate in ANIVERSE Character Metaverse, be the first ones to build the ecosystem.


  1. Advertise by making a promotional video with MetaKongz inside COEX✔️

  2. Advertise Larva×MetaKongz promotional video on public transportations✔️

  3. Donation to Gangwon-do Forest Fire Damage Support✔️

  4. Larva Jeju Shinhwa World accommodation voucher benefits are provided to a certain number of holders✔️

  5. Start planning and producing animation collaborating with MetaKongz✔️

  6. Build the ecosystem of the Aniverse metaverse✔️

  7. Launch Larva NFT staking service and provide KANV as rewards✔️

  8. Present 'Larva Street NFT Limited Edition' to holders of 10 or more Larva NFT✔️

  9. Announce Larva Kids NFT features and benefits✔️

  10. Launch Larva NFT breeding service and mint Larva Kids NFT✔️

  11. Hold Food Festival Event throughout the first and last half of the year

  12. Renewal of Aniverse NFT Marketplace and hold Fall Festival NFT Event✔️

  13. Launch Larva NFT Raffle service

  14. Hold Real Gift NFT exchange event

  15. Release Roadmap 2.0

Larva PFP NFT is announcing the latest updates on Official Discord Channel.

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