STAKING Reward boosting service using Legendary LARVA KIDS NFT

Legendary Larva NFT Boosting Service Guide

Boosting service can be used in the following order.

① Access the LARVA PFP NFT STAKING website and click the BOOSTING! button for the pool you are staking.

② The Legendary Larva Kids NFT you have will be activated, then select the NFT that you will use for boosting, and click the Boost button.

The staking rewards per day after applying boosting function will be as follows.

종류Boosting RateReward / Day

Sewer Pool


1.3 KANV

House Pool


6.48 KANV

New York Pool


14.4 KANV

Island Pool


21.696 KANV

You can check out the detailed user guide for boosting service on the LARVA NFT Discord channel.

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