E2E(Experience to Earn) Metaverse Platform

ANIVERSE Platform Introduction

ANIVERSE is an "E2E Metaverse Platform" that allows users to enjoy and experience various contents like Video, Game, Shopping, Defi, DAO and receive rewards for their experience on the ANIVERSE metaverse ecosystem.

Through various data generated from users' participation, ANIVERSE continuously delivers high-quality contents to the users and expands our ecosystem. And ANIVERSE metaverse provides users with rewards generated from user participation.


Through the strategic partnership with tubaN, ANIVERSE has acquired an exclusive license of 8 character IPs in total including the world famous "Larva" series on Netflix and YouTube, and continues to expand our IP via collaboration with various IP holders.

Vicky & Johnny : The story of spring characters in puppet village who are interested in opposite gender.

Oscar's Oasis : A comedy survival story between small lizard Oscar and predator Trio, who are aiming for Oscar in the desert.

Larva : A devastating and comical survival story of two Larva Yellow and Red, which takes place in various places from dark sewer, house, middle of the city, to the deserted island according to the seasons.

Larva Kids : Larva series specially made for children's education, singing children's songs with Larva Yellow and Red and their other friends.

Wingcle Bear : A daily healing story between Bear Winkle and his animal friends, who runs a simple but comfortable vintage cafe in a small city.

DinoCore : A comic action series of DinoCore, DinoMaster Rex and other various friends who came to earth to save the Dino planet.

Rotary Park : A comic action story of funny heroes transformed into the most intense form of memory of their lives defeating villains attacking earth in a space called Rotary Park.

Big Pet : A comic healing series of lovely, a bit fat animal friends who came to the 'pet diet center' for weight loss, away from their owners.

ANIVERSE Friends : Meet our unique Aniverse Friends characters Ellin, Marvin, Braine, Balvoa, and Annie, named by Aniverse community vote.


The number of YouTube subscribers of ANIVERSE's representative character "Larva" is more than 9.8 million, and fans are from various countries around the world.

In the Chinese region, Larva is being broadcasted through biggest video platforms like Tencent and IQIY, increasing populartiy and fan base.

By providing secondary and tertiary derivative contents using characters such as Larva and other owned IPs to the fan base, ANIVERSE invites users to ANIVERSE ecosystem and let them enjoy various derivative contents.


ANIVERSE is conducting On/Offline marketing to promote our project. We are continuously expanding the ANIVERSE brand awareness through direct and indirect exposure of the project like running a promotional video on a large electronic billboard and starting the public transportation advertisements.

ANIVERSE continuously exposes various news and press release on our project through overseas online media, and attracts new users by holding multiple events including Airdrop event in our own community.

The Vision

The metaverse leader ANIVERSE plans to provide spaces and services for various experiences with E2E (Experience to Earn) structure.

ANIVERSE aims to become a leader among metaverse projects through continuous supply of IP-based E2E services and infrastructure expansion.

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